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Woman Street food in Asia

For most travelers an extended holiday is a once in a lifetime experience. Just as the time spent researching and planning the travel itinerary enriches our travel experience, proper assessment of our travel health risks reduces the chances of illness disturbing our trip.

Woman with Suitcases

Suitcases are packed, passports are up-to-date and the airport is in sight. But have you forgotten to prepare your health before you jet off?

Boy with Tissue

When flu season strikes and little Jimmy is coughing and spluttering over the playground, you can be forgiven for wanting to hide your family under a bubble.

Picture of a River

In planning mode for an Amazonian adventure? The Amazon rainforest is home to animal and plant species found nowhere else on earth, attracting thousands of travelers each year with its rich biodiversity.

Picture of Bali

Whether you have been there loads of times and stay at the same Balinese retreat, or it’s your first time overseas with the family, you may find it surprising to know EVERYONE needs to pack the same travel health information.

Grandfather holding up his toddler grandson, both looking at each other and smiling.

Influenza, more commonly called the flu, is often perceived as a harmless illness. While most people recover from influenza in as few as seven days, it can be much more difficult for those over 65.1,2

Friendly nurse in clinic speaking to a mother holding her toddler daughter, discussing childhood vaccination options

As children grow up, their parents try to do everything in their power to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. According to the World Health Organization, one of the most cost-effective health investments is to have your kids vaccinated and ensure their vaccines are up to date.3

Beautiful pink and purple sunset taken from an airplane, just above the clouds.

Planning and going on vacation is one of our great Canadian pastimes, but when travelling outside of Canada it’s important to remember you may be at risk of coming in contact with vaccine-preventable illnesses.4

Fit and vibrant senior couple, arms linked, cheerfully posing for a photo in front of a textured blue wall.

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Whether you have a serious case of wanderlust but haven’t decided where to go, or have meticulously planned a backpacking trek with your friends, you’ll want to truly enjoy the experience and return home safe and sound.


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